1. View the photos below & record the file number as displayed under the photo. 

  2. Fill out your order using the online form below.

  3. Total the cost of your order and insert it in payment box.

  4. Once your order form is submitted, make payment via internet banking. (details below) 

  5. Combined payments are accepted. Please make a note in the comments.

  6.  You will receive a confirmation email once payment has cleared... Usually within 2-3 days.

  7.  Closing date for orders: Friday 10 December 2021 - Photos will be available from your class teacher

Class Photo


Payment by internet banking only

Account name: Duo Image Photography

Account number: 38 9004 0626423 00

Please include a reference and name to match your order form

Thank you for your order... You will get a confirmation email once payment has cleared.

Class Photos

Photos - 2021

Ruma 6 NOV sample 2021
Ruma 8  nov 2021 sample

Student Photos

Ruma 6

Ruma 8

New Students